Duray Transportation Systems San. ve Tic. A.S. (Duray) continues to work with companies that have a say in the sector with their qualified welded and machining capabilities.

In 2012, Duray started its production operations with the production of bogie and body carcass, which are the most basic parts of rail system vehicles, and started to use the qualified welded and machining knowledge acquired in rail systems over time to meet the needs of other sectors.

Duray as of the point it reached in 2017 The sector, which has many qualified welded and machining needs such as rail systems, defense industry, energy sector and commercial vehicles, stands out as an important player.

With its talented, developing and quality staff; It is also able to produce the subsystems that require many-source manufacturing, especially the body carcass and bogie of all rail system vehicles, including high-speed trains, high-speed trains, regional trains, subways, light subways and trams, at the desired quality and standards.

In addition to Rail System vehicles, Duray has also proven itself in the production of bodies made of armor steel used in the defense industry, and has also gained international experience in the production of high quality welding assemblies belonging to the energy sector.

Since the day it was founded, it has been producing all parts ranging from sheet metal cutting, processing, bending, roofing, welded manufacturing, heat treatment, machining, sandblasting and painting processes, with the international certificates it has, in cooperation with the authorities in its field.

Duray holds the IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard) certification, which is a privileged place for manufacturers of rolling stock and parts worldwide. In addition, Turkey's EU railway vehicles and components is in a mandatory certification for producers to EN 15085-2 CL1 has the certificate. Non-destructive tests (NDT) are applied by PT - VT - MT - UT Level-2 certified quality technicians in all welds made within the scope of this standard, according to performance classes.

In order for welding operators to weld in accordance with the quality level determined by the standards, our Welding School applies practical and theoretical welding trainings by our Welding School and then exams from certain welding methods according to the station they will work in. All welding operators are certified in accordance with the standard of ISO 9606-1 welder qualification exam, one of the welding methods they use at the stations where they work.

Duray serves the needs of its solution partner customers with its three-axis rotating positioners and advanced technology welding machines and robots in order to ensure that welded production is suitable for mass production conditions and high quality level. 

It can perform machining with 1 ° precision, 0.001 mm axis controlled 5-axis CNC machines, precise measurement with mobile 3D measurement systems, and water or solvent-based paint applications with flexible paint shop lines in accordance with international standards.

Duray has become the "solution partner" company that all companies that have a say in the sector want to work, by combining the technology transfer gains it has gained from its customers with its international project management experience.

Duray unchanging principles, always ensure high quality production is proceeding with the logic of the way to becoming the first brand that comes to mind when Turkey and in the world called qualified welding manufacturing steps.