With the 63-year technological infrastructure of Durmazlar Makina and its staff consisting of mechanical engineers, Duray started its Rail Systems studies in 2012. In the following periods, the Defense Industry, Energy Sector and Commercial Vehicles are also continuing their activities by adding them to their studies.

It entered the transportation sector with its first project, İpekböceği Tramway.


  • 16.800 m2 closed area
  • > 110.000 m2 open area

Turkey's rail system, energy is serving the defense industry firms.

Welded Production Line

With the welding school it has, it keeps its operators at a certain quality level with both theoretical and practical exams since each welder starts working.

It has an infrastructure that supports quality welded manufacturing with the use of positioners in welded manufacturing processes, and a serious accumulation in producing the right products with its fixture design capability.

With the use of welding robots, the customer satisfaction is prioritized by producing quality products with qualified NDT personnel and qualified NDT personnel who can adjust the takt time where deemed necessary.

Machining Line

With CNC machining centers with a capacity of up to 20 meters, it can make machining with precise tolerances and verify its products with Romer 3D Arm or Leica Laser Tracker system according to the gamma it is in.

Paint Shop Line

It serves with 2 separate dyehouses, which are used according to capacity and requirements.

4.000 m2The paint line, which is installed in a closed area of, has the paint capability consisting of 4 computer controlled and automated devices consisting of washing, primer, paint and drying cabin with a capacity of up to 8 meters.

Apart from these booths, there are sandblasting, 2 paint and 1 putty booths with a capacity of up to 16 meters and the operations are carried out manually. Water and solvent based paint applications can be performed in both paint shops.